As part of the game, gamers may mix or 'hybridize' crops to form new beans which you can then buy in the store. Crops are needed to get characters by playing the tea party mini-game which you can find by clicking on the teacup tab in the bottom, left hand side of the screen. Also note that crops need to be at least level 10 to hybridize.

Anyway, if you know any of the combinations, please edit and add them to the list.

Keep in mind that hybridizing crops in the shop requires research on the seed, so you may not get the result the first time. If you've done it more than about 6 times, then it's probably not the correct combination, so I apologize if it isn't correct, but please update it if you know what the correct combination is.

Hybrize Crops: (updated 2017)

Raspberry Cheesecake= fruit cake L5+ sugar cubes L5

French Cruller= shortbread cookies L5+ sugar cubes L5

Gumdrops= caramels L5+ fruit cake L10

Un-birthday Cake= raspberry cheesecake L10 + french cruller L10

Macaroons= trippleberry scones L10+ raspberry cheesecake L10

Candycanes= gumdrops L10+ trippleberry scones L10

Lollipops= candycanes L10+ fruit cake L20

Cherry Tarts= macaroons L10+ sugar cubes L20

Pecan Pie= cherry tart L10+ caramels L30

Licorice= lollipops L10+ roll cake L20

Tiramisu= un-birthday cake L10+ lollipops L10

Coffee Cake= tiramisu L10+ shortbread cookies L20

Cookies= Lemon squares L15 + coffee cake L15

Ice Cream= Licorice L20 + chocolate chip cookie L15

Unlockable Sweets:

Lvl 1- fruit cake, sugar cubes

Lvl 4- shortbread cookies

Lvl 7- roll cake

Lvl 10- caramels

Lvl 14- tripleberry scones

Lvl 18- red velvet cupcakes

Lvl 22- carrot cake

Lvl 27- pumpkin pie

Lvl 32- lemon squares